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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
At what New Jersey university did Darrell Butler get a food van to put chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fries and marinara on a sandwich, thereby creating the Fat Darrell in 1997?
Question 2
What is the name of the head of "The Keebler Elves"?
Question 3
In China, semi-oxidized teas are generally called what?
Question 4
Meaning "fire meat," what Korea dish consists of thinly sliced and well-marinated beef?
Question 5
With which city do you associate a Wiener Schnitzel?
Question 6
What color is thought to be an appetite suppressant, as food that color is usually rotting?
Question 7
As of 2013, what South American country produces the most wine?
Question 8
Who was "Pasta Puttanesca" originally named after?
Question 9
A giardiniera consists of what kind of food?
Question 10
The Chinese developed their tea ceremony thanks to Lu Yu, a Taoist priest who wrote The Classic of Tea during what appropriately "fluid" dynasty?
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