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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starred which actor at the peak of his success?
Question 2
What is Lloyd's last name in Dumb & Dumber?
Question 3
Who is the alter ego of Norman Osborn in the 2002 film Spider-Man?
Question 4
In what movie does Leonardo DiCaprio play an undercover cop who infiltrates the Irish mafia in Boston?
Question 5
What sort of films did Will Hay appear in back in the 30s and 40s?
Question 6
Who starred alongside John Travolta in the 2007 movie 'Hairspray'?
Question 7
Which Ralph Ellison novel has been made into a movie several times?
Question 8
Pop Star Bobby Darin won a Golden Globe for his role in, what?
Question 9
Who is currently directing the upcoming film sequel Finding Dory?
Question 10
Who directed the movies The Big Parade, The Crowd and War and Peace?
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