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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Which director invented the term 'biomechanics' for theatre?
Question 2
Which Best Actor Oscar winner was not born in Australia?
Question 3
Which movie are Duchess and Thomas O'Malley from?
Question 4
How many films are there in the "Rocky" film series?
Question 5
Which 1988 film was based on the novel by William Kennedy?
Question 6
Which of these movies revolves around a hitman: Somewhere, Biutiful, The Matador or An Ordinary Execution?
Question 7
Which of these novels had a film adaptation released in 2013?
Question 8
Which film did Observe and Report star Seth Rogen appear in with Jake Gyllenhaal?
Question 9
Released in 1975, on which creature did the scary movie Jaws focus?
Question 10
Which decade did Dumbo get released?
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