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Very hard geography quiz, can you get more than 5 correct?

Question 1
Which of these is a term for Australians from New South Wales?
Question 2
Which word is missing from the sentence 'a plant's ... takes in water and anchors the plant in the soil'?
Question 3
In what U.S. state is New York City located?
Question 4
In what U.S. state is Hollywood located?
Question 5
Who was the first European to explore Texas and Southwest America?
Question 6
Northumbria is a region in which country?
Question 7
Which is the capital of Ireland?
Question 8
The explorer Alonso Alvarez de Pineda was born in which country?
Question 9
What country is 'Nas Air' from?
Question 10
Which city immediately preceded Augusta as capital of Maine?
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