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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
Which of these is not part of the routine known as tequila cruda, aka tequila shots?
Question 2
Which of these are you most likely to find if you order a continental breakfast from room service?
Question 3
Where would you compete in the Terlingua International Chili Championship, the Super Bowl of super bowls of chili?
Question 4
It's basically nachos toppings on fry bread. And it is popular with the Southwest Indian tribe for which it's named. What is it?
Question 5
What snack is commonly eaten after a Chinese dinner?
Question 6
What US state has built up an impressive wine industry, notably in its Sonoma and Napa counties?
Question 7
I'm matching Stilton with port, mussels with Muscadet, sole with Soave, and p?t? with Sauternes. What am I matching each of these foods with?
Question 8
What is the main ingredient of guacamole (and also the ingredient for which it is named in Nahuatl)?
Question 9
In baking, a food item browns due to the caramelization of what?
Question 10
A banana split is traditionally served in what transportation-themed dish?
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