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Literature Quiz

Question 1
What American author wrote "Daisy Miller"?
Question 2
Who wrote the book "More Than Human"?
Question 3
Gummy Berry juice made Gummy Bears bouncy, but what did it do to humans?
Question 4
What Nicholas Sparks' novel tells the story of two former high school sweethearts who reunite 25 years later?
Question 5
Whose 1991 book is "Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture"?
Question 6
Which novelist once employed Samuel Beckett?
Question 7
Who wrote "Utopia"?
Question 8
Who was the author of the 2006 book "Mayflower"?
Question 9
The verb in which sentence is in the present perfect progressive tense?
Question 10
Which word is a preposition?
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