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Movies Quiz

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Question 1
Who is the young folk singer in the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961 from a 2013 film?
Question 2
Who directed "The Maltese Falcon"?
Question 3
Which of these adventure films lost over $100 million?
Question 4
What two characters were in the movie "Monster-in-Law"?
Question 5
Which comedian played the lead role in Disney's "Planes"?
Question 6
The comedy film "Be Cool" was about which two characters?
Question 7
What is the name of the Russian ballet that the characters go to see in "Anastasia"?
Question 8
What 2006 film became the first major Western production shot in Uganda since The African Queen in 1950?
Question 9
As explained in the classic movie, what city will Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund always have?
Question 10
Which actress has a twin brother named Hunter?
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