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Do you remember these old cities?

Question 1
What was the previous, anglicised name of Guangzhou in China?
Question 2
New York was founded as New Amsterdam in which year?
Question 3
The history of Jerusalem dates back how many years?
Question 4
Which is the oldest city in Australia?
Question 5
Which civilisation founded the city of Flores in Guatemala, around 1000 BC?
Question 6
Ancient Corinth is on which body of water?
Question 7
Quito, dating back to around 2000 BC, is capital of which modern country?
Question 8
The Egyptian city of Luxor was known by which name to the ancient Greeks?
Question 9
In 1750 AD, which UK city was the largest in Europe?
Question 10
The ancient city of Antioch started to decline in which century?
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