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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
What was the “pomerium” in Ancient Rome?
Question 2
In 1829, who appointed Martin Van Buren as his Secretary of State?
Question 3
Which animal provides us the milk that we drink?
Question 4
Who was arrested & charged with the 2011 shootings that occurred in & around Oslo, Norway?
Question 5
Rooster, Golden Wonder and Megachip are varieties of which vegetable?
Question 6
Rastafarians have considered Mussolini?s invasion of what country to have been Armageddon?
Question 7
Who was responsible for the Latin phrase “si vis pacem, para bellum”?
Question 8
Many people feared the end of the world in 2012 due to which civilization's calendar ending?
Question 9
In which country was the world's first supermarket built?
Question 10
Who sang the famous song Wheels (1975)?
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