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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
Who played Wyatt in the movie "Weird Science"?
Question 2
In what US state are the cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg located?
Question 3
Who had the 1969 hit song "Touch Me"?
Question 4
What objects have "real estate" that is humorously measured in nanoacres, each of which is about four square millimeters?
Question 5
Who won the 2001 Masters in Augusta with scores of 70, 66, 68 and 68?
Question 6
Who was on the first Woodstock soundtrack album?
Question 7
Originally a railway settlement, what Kenyan capital gets its name from the "cold water" the Masai people found there?
Question 8
The 2009 season marked what milestone for number of seasons for the Dallas Cowboys?
Question 9
Which river runs through Egypt?
Question 10
What Rock Hall of Famer sang Centerfield at the 2010 Baseball Hall of Fame ceremonies?
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