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Math Quiz

Question 1
What is the measure of an angle that covers 5% of a circle?
Question 2
If a piece of gum is 5 cents, how much are four pieces?
Question 3
What is next in this number pattern: 2, 6, 10... ?
Question 4
This is a trick question. How much dirt is there in a hole 2 ft deep, 3 ft long and 4 ft wide?
Question 5
In a school, there are 240 boys and 260 girls. What is the ratio of the number of girls to boys?
Question 6
What is the sum of 1500,96 and 105?
Question 7
Which best describes a 194 degree angle?
Question 8
What is the total of 200 + 68 + 20?
Question 9
If the fine is 20 cents a day, and your library book is 16 days overdue, how much is your fine?
Question 10
Kate travelled 172 kilometres by train and then 22 kilometres by car. How far did she travel altogether?
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