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Math Quiz

Question 1
Which best describes a 180 degree angle?
Question 2
Solve the following addition problem: 9000 + 630 + 546?
Question 3
What is the measure of the angle that covers 81% of a circle?
Question 4
Which is the largest number?
Question 5
Which best describes a 17 degree angle?
Question 6
If 200 text messages cost $4.95, how many text messages do you get for $7.50?
Question 7
If you pay $29.95 for a 400 minute cell package, about how much do you pay per minute?
Question 8
If Pat averages 60mph for the first k hours of a 500-mile trip, what distance remains after k hours?
Question 9
What is 8 - (-36)?
Question 10
Which mathematician is "e" named after?
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