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Who or what am I?

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Question 1
What is actor Ben Kingsley's real name?
Question 2
Who is Sherlock Holmes' famous partner?
Question 3
Robert Frost is known for being which one of the following?
Question 4
What is the name for a moving stairway used in department stores and other buildings?
Question 5
What is another name for Vitamin B5?
Question 6
I starred with Barbara Stanwyck in a film noir classic, and in later years played a famous TV dad, who am I?
Question 7
My novels include "A Prayer For Owen Meaney" and "The Hotel New Hampshire", who am I?
Question 8
Who did the original voice of Shaggy on "Scooby Doo"?
Question 9
I'm a talk show host from Chicago and I have my own magazine. Who am I?
Question 10
I was a Miss America and daughter-in-law to Buddy Ebsen on "Barnaby Jones", who am I?
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