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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?

Question 1
The club steak is also known by what other name?
Question 2
Who recorded the hit single "Radar Love" in 1974?
Question 3
They were known as the Forty-Niners and the Argonauts of 49. To which location were they rushing?
Question 4
In what city did the TV show "Seinfeld" take place?
Question 5
According to Beach Boy Carl Wilson, what song was frequently played in opium dens in China in the late 1960's?
Question 6
Which nationality do tortillas belong to?
Question 7
Which one of these rides is not at Paramount's King's Dominion?
Question 8
In 1929, what did Clarence Birdseye introduce?
Question 9
Who sang the song, "I Love Your Smile"?
Question 10
What dam located in Egypt was completed in July 1970?
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