History Quiz
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A severe outbreak of which disease began in West Africa in 2014?
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Napoleon was the leader of which country?
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Angry that Kim Chol was partying during the grieving period for Kim Jong-il, who not only had the minister executed, but blew him away with a direct mortar round strike?
Question 4 of 10
What decade was Roaring?
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Over which Scottish town did a Pan Am jumbo explode in '88 as the result of a bomb?
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What famous Ford automobile rolled out of the factory for the first time in 1908?
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Growing this provided much of the wealth on which Greek civilization was built, but the trees have deep roots that do a poor job of binding soil, so they ultimately cost Greece its agricultural productivity, contributing to its downfall. What is it?
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What was the first name of singer Cobain, who shot himself in 1994?
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What did Evangelista Torricelli invent in 1643?
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On what continent did the human race originate?

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