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Nostalgic quiz about old fun toys and games!

Question 1
The game Fivestones was also known as which boy's name?
Question 2
Which company launched the Donkey Kong game?
Question 3
What word completes the popular 1980s book series, Sweet Valley?
Question 4
What puzzle won "Toy of the Year" in 1980?
Question 5
How many players minimum do you need for a game of Twister?
Question 6
Which game involved making words from cubes in a tray?
Question 7
Which "hungry" creatures were part of a 70s board game?
Question 8
Skateboarding originated in which US state?
Question 9
Which toy was also known as "Pretty Pony"?
Question 10
Which 80s toy had friends called Huckleberry Pie and Raspberry Tart?
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