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Question 1
What is the name of the military academy which stands above the Hudson River in New York?
Question 2
What industry did President George H.W. Bush embark on after graduating?
Question 3
In 1991 Margot Fonteyn died at the age of 71. In which field had she found fame?
Question 4
James Montgomery Flagg used his own face when he drew what character for a WWI recruiting poster?
Question 5
What country's freedom did David Ben Gurion declare at Independence Hall on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, on May 14, 1948?
Question 6
The Indianapolis 500 was first staged in 1911. What kind of sporting event is it?
Question 7
What kind of large animals is Hannibal famous for using in the Punic Wars?
Question 8
Osaka became the merchant capital and Edo was home to the shogun. In what country?
Question 9
In what century did John F. Kennedy achieve greatness?
Question 10
In 2003, which nation became the third to send an astronaut into space?
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