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General Knowledge Quiz

Question 1
The stars on what country's flag may stand for the nation and its four regions (Manchuria, Mongolia, Sinkiang and Tibet)?
Question 2
Also known as the caribe, the piranha is most likely to be found in which of these rivers?
Question 3
Named in 1999, where was the wallaby-sized ornithopod Qantassaurus intrepidus found?
Question 4
Which of these presidents helped compose the Declaration of Independence?
Question 5
Which is the capital of Russia?
Question 6
What animal is a medium-sized shorebird?
Question 7
In electronics, the term rectification refers to the process of changing an alternating current (AC) to what?
Question 8
What is the most populated country in the world?
Question 9
What is the attempt to overthrow a government by force or at least interrupt its activities called?
Question 10
Of the following groupings of: continent; country and capital-which group is correct?

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