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History Quiz

Question 1
What element was called "the flesh of the gods" by ancient Egyptians?
Question 2
Around the time it lost the capital to Ankara, what city was renamed Istanbul?
Question 3
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, aka Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was Queen Consort of George VI. She was also the last queen of Ireland and the last empress of what place?
Question 4
Which American comedian and film and television star died in 1977?
Question 5
Dionysus was the Greek god of which drink?
Question 6
What officially opened in New York City in April 1973?
Question 7
Despite racist attempts to diminish them, several civilisations have risen in what continent's sub-Saharan region?
Question 8
What Zaire dictator forbade anybody else from wearing leopard-print hats and claimed that it took eight men to carry his wooden cane?
Question 9
Which youth subculture wore leather jackets, jeans and gelled hair in the '60's?
Question 10
What Spanish-speaking nation got its name from its position on the Equator?
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